- Online booking system and video consultation - 

Dear Patients,


we are offering you an additional service, the possibility of contacting   our doctors via video consultation.


We are offering this service to all patients irrespective of whether you have been visiting our office before. 


We look forward to seeing you online!

Requirements for the use of video consultation

For the use of our video consultation you simply need:

  • a valid e-mail address and mobile number
  • a video-capable device (computer, tablet, smartphone)

There is no necessity for the installation of additional software on your device!

Appointments and online contact

  • Please read the declaration of consent for our video consultation and our data protection declaration
  • select an appointment (date and time) on our online calendar (see below)
  • please complete the registration form with all necessary data (e.g. e-mail address, name, mobile number)
  • you will receive an access code via text message
    • sender: Jameda
  • fill in the access code and press send - your appointment is booked
  • you will get a confirmation e-mail with all necessary information for your video consultation
    • sender: Jameda Terminbuchung, you may have to check your spam folder

We see this service as extremely helpful for many of our patients. Therefore, we will try to expand available time slots as demand increases. 

Please book your video consultation here:


1. select an appointment

(for more times: "alle Termine anzeigen")

2. complete the registration form

3. fill in your access code


Your consultation is booked


We look forward seeing you online!

Information about our service provide 

We use the video consultation software of jameda GmbH, St.-Cajetan-Str. 41, 81669 München. The software has been certified according "the agreement on the requirements for the technical procedures for video consultation in accordance with Appendix 31 b to the Federal Mantle Agreement -DoctorsSGB V" (certificate)Please check here for more information.

Sossenheimer Weg 65, Antoniterstrasse 36, 65929 Frankfurt
Sossenheimer Weg 65, Antoniterstrasse 36, 65929 Frankfurt