Declaration of consent for online video consultation

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Declaration of consent for online video consultation

Data collection, processing and use

(in accordance with the agreement on the requirements for the technical procedures for video consultation in accordance with Appendix 31 b to the Federal Mantle Agreement -DoctorsSGB V)


Informing the insured 

  • The participation of the video consultation is for me and my attending physician voluntarily.
  • The video consultation has to take place in closed rooms with a reasonable privacy to guarantee the data security and an uninterrupted performance.
  • At the beginning of the video consultation all in the room present persons on both sides have to be introduced.
  • Recordings of any kind are not permitted during the video consultation.


Provider for implementation of video consultation:

jameda GmbH

St.-Cajetan-Str. 41

81669 München

Tel.: 089 / 2000 185 44

Fax: 089 / 2000 185 89

More information on the video consultation from the service provider you can find here

You can find the data privacy statement of the service provider here



Technical requirements:

The following technical requirements apply to your hardware: State -of -the -art equipment (minimum requirement: 1.8 GHz, 4 GB RAM, operating system: MAC, Linux, Windows 7, camera, headset, speakers) and the following browser: Google Chrome, Opera or Mozilla Firefox Quantum in its latest version and a 10mbit/s Internet line.


Data security:

  • The jameda GmbH does not collect or store any data which are being exchanged during the video consultation and and fulfills legal requirements. See also privacy statements of jameda GmbH.
  • For the implementation of the video session  a server is needed. At this point your IP address briefly transmitted to the server. The used servers are located exclusively in Germany. A storage of the data exchanged or the content of the communication does not takes place. The actual video session is encrypted (end-to-end encryption) and without an intermediate server. 
  • It is prohibited to the video service provider and the doctor to share data with unauthorised third parties. 


Declaration of consent by the insured: 

Hereby I declare, that:

  • the Video consultation is being performed in closed room and quiet environment to ensure data security and an uninterrupted consultaion.
  • all present persons will be introduced at the start of the video consultation
  • no picture and / or sound recordings will be taken during the video consultation .
  • all present persons are being informed about and agree to the data protection policies.
  • the used technical equipment is compatible (see above) for the use of video consultation


I agree that, 

a collection, processing and use of  treatment and health data takes place for the purpose of diagnosis and documentation of video consultation. In general the same data protection policies apply during the video consultation as in a direct patient - doctor consultation.

I am aware that I can revoke this consent at any time with a notice to my doctor.  


I declare to give my consent to the declaration of consent as described above and that I have taken notice to the data processing in the context of video consultation .  


Sossenheimer Weg 65, Antoniterstrasse 36, 65929 Frankfurt
Sossenheimer Weg 65, Antoniterstrasse 36, 65929 Frankfurt